Virtual Graffiti

Virtual Graffiti is an installation allowing the user to draw directly on a rear projection screen with a modified pen or spray can. It’s a delight for toddlers and adults for all kind of events, using it as an expression wall, creating collective artwork or even as a guestbook.

This installation has already been used for multiple events, among them:

  • Electrochoc Festival at Abbatoirs in 2012
  • EDF UFPI annual party in 2012
  • INRIA Grenoble 20 years party
  • MixLab Festival in Grenoble
  • and so many other events…

Virtual Graffiti uses a PSeye camera modified to work only in the infra-red area, as well as and infra-red laser embedded in the pen or the spray can and triggered by a switch. Using image processing algorithm from openCV, we track the laser position on the rear-projection screen and control our graffiti software. The drawing style (spray can or marker), the size and the color can be directly modified using the interface on the screen. The application has been developed in C++ using openFrameworks.