Beam’Art is development studio, creating interactive installations for communication, events and art, born from the collaboration between two engineers/researchers, Benjamin Petit and Antoine Vanel.

Both work in the field of computer vision, real-time computer graphics and virtual reality and have thus acquired the major IT skills which they use today for their digital creations. For this purpose, they use their knowledge in shape and movement recovery and work with the latest technological inovations in terms of cameras and motion tracking system in order to generate interactive content, for instance Microsoft Kinect.

The interactive aspect of their work allows them to produce live performances with various artists (dancers, painters, jugglers…) as well as to interact directly with the audience through their set ups. They focus mainly on the audience’s participation and the spontaneous generation of video content, so that viewers are no longer passive.

     In the field of communication, Beam’Art is the developmnent studio of Vendredi4, which digitalize points of sale, showrooms and booths for exhibitions.